Life is Busy

Life has been pretty busy and between work and school I really haven’t had much energy for writing personal stuff. With our recent launches at work things seem to be slowing down a bit at work so I may have more energy for personal writing and might even end up doing better than quarterly updates on here.


Building and maintaining  support processes, ISO compliance documentation, and helping to manage the knowledge base of troubleshooting guides for my team to support Windows Intune, System Center Advisor, and our Managed Desktop customers. I suppose when I’m either writing or wrangling writing projects all the time I have successfully transitioned to being a technical writer/project manager rather than being a tech.  I’m really happy with this.


Last term I completed 26 credits towards my degree .  This term I suspect I’m going to get around 20 although I might manage a bit more than that.  The tricky part is that the program I’m on is a lot of writing.  There are a some tests but most of the work comes in the form of writing a lot papers. Some days it is really hard to get motivated to get these papers done after spending a day at work going back and forth with people over word choices at work.


Around Yule we picked up a  giant cage and got a couple of awesome rats named Hermes and Augustus.  I really like having small creatures about.  I haven’t really had pets since I was growing up because my allergies but these don’t seem to give me much trouble. And did I mention they’re awesome?


In the last few months I’ve started playing in a live-action role playing game called Shadow Accord.  I’ve been a gamer since I was young and while the games have changed it is a hobby I’ve enjoyed most of my life.  This game is a bit different than the normal sitting around a table rolling dice. This is running around in the woods for a weekend staying in a cabin and beating people with foam weaponry.  The game is a hell of a lot of fun and the players are great.  It is a really wonderful group of people.


I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and making things. The game has helped encourage me to start doing leather crafting a bit.  I did some leather work growing up but really haven’t done anything with it in years.   It’s kind of nice making something physical once in a while when most everything you do is on a computer screen.


The Dr. told me I needed to drop some weight (Duh!) so I’m cooking more and going back to the gym.  So far everything is going pretty well.  I’m not getting too carried away in hopes that taking it slow will be something I will actually stick with.


I keep meaning to go back and play WoW now that the expansion is out. Unfortunately, the motivation is just not there I’m sure I’ll play again eventually but I just know that it will take a lot of time and I don’t have a lot of that to spare for a major commitment like WoW. I have been playing some puzzle games and have gone back to Champions once in a while now that it is Free to Play, and I have spent some more time with Borderlands.   It’s nice having games where there I can take a break and not feel like I’m letting people down and where I don’t feel like I’m wasting $15 a month in subscription fees when I’m not playing.


Lots of reading since I picked up my nook last year.  A terrible job of tracking what I’ve read and commenting.

Yeah, that was a whole lot of shorter blog posts that I had sitting around in my head and never wrote fully and it was was all about me. I promise to try and be more entertaining next time.

See you again soon (hopefully)!


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