Possible strangeness with site

I’m going to be making some changes to the hosting for this site over the next few days. So, I’m sorry if anything freaks out with RSS feeds or the like.

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Geeky technical writer living in the Pacific Northwest.
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  • http://sleepdepzombie.com/ SleepDepZombie

    Definite strangeness with the site. It is mostly functional now. I just have to recreate the book list. I’m really glad I didn’t get more done with that. *sigh*

  • http://www.pithlog.com Jessica

    Explain your Like button, sir! Is it Facebook? It doesn’t look obnoxiously Facebooky. I clicked it, but I’m not sure what happened.

    Also, it’s sort of bleeding over into your sidebar, but I suspect that’s because you’re mid-server changes.

    • http://sleepdepzombie.com/ SleepDepZombie

      The like button in this case is linked to Disqus. They recently made some changes to their system to make it more interconnected and interactive or something. I’m not entirely certain how I feel about the changes or the general trend of the Facebookinization of the Internet but it seems largely unavoidable to some degree at this point. people like “Like” buttons. :)

      The button weirdness seems to be a Firefox with Disqus thing. That may take a while to sort out as I’m not really really doing anything funky here. I transfered over the same theme I was using before and am using the standard Disqus plugin. Weird.

    • http://sleepdepzombie.com/ SleepDepZombie

      Well that was easier than expected. It has to do with the Disqus themes and the modifications to make it work were already on the Disqus support forum. It should look fine now.