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With the Now Reading widget going it got me to thinking that maybe I’d actually write a bit about the books I’m reading. Welcome to my 8th grade book report… Just kidding.

One of the things I most hate about book reviews is when people really get into plot points and details. I’m really anti-spoiler; I like discovering the story as it is presented by the author. If a book is by an author I know, often I won’t even read the dust jacket before diving right in to the story. Seriously, I just don’t want to know.

Also, this is not going to be any kind of formal literary criticism. I not going to be writing a thesis on the merits of the last book I just read and how it relates to whatever genera it comes from. I am in no way qualified to do that. Anything I write I’ll try and keep short and casual.

If I’m not writing plot summaries or serious literary criticism, what am I going to write?

  • My impressions of the book, in general terms what I liked or didn’t like about it.
  • A general overview of the premise of the book or books, as spoiler free a possible.
  • Any interesting tidbits I might have about the book or the author or whatever.
    If I think the book is worth the time to read.

Why book reviews?

Well, I read a lot, I have opinions about what I’m reading, and I think I feel like sharing. One of my biggest problems with writing on a regular basis is that I’m lacking in something to write about. I work, I go to school, I read, I watch movies, I play games, regular writing about myself is not that interesting. I suppose it could be all about me, but honestly I’m not sure I want to see the level of navel-gazing that would come out of that eventually. There will be plenty about me it is just that there will be other stuff as well. I’m sure over time there will be terrifying profile that someone could put together about me by looking at what I read.

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