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So I read quite a bit. It has always been something I’ve enjoyed. When I was young, I used to stay up late into the night hiding under the blankets, reading by flashlight. Now I don’t have my parents telling me to get to sleep. Instead, I have to deal with the alarm clock (my greatest nemesis) in the morning.

I’d wanted some way of displaying what I was reading for a while. Not surprisingly there are several widgets that do just that. After playing with a few I went with Now Reading Reloaded. It pulls images from Amazon for the covers of the books and lets add notes on the books in your library or link to reviews. It is tempting to add my whole library. That, however, would be a lot of work that I really don’t see my self making time for.

This does bring up a couple things that in the effort of full-disclosure I feel should be addressed:

First off, I have no plans to try and make money off of this site. Seriously. As though that wasn’t obvious. However, the widget does let you hook up to Amazon’s referral program. So if you should happen to click through to the Amazon site and then purchase the exact item linked, and if the stars are in some sort of magical alignment, I might accidentally end up with some small amount of credit with them.

Secondly, I’m may not actually be reading the physical copy I will be linking to. I have a Nook and I really like it (that could be a whole other post). Most of my non-school reading is done on my e-reader. I keep hoping that some of the books I need for school will come in an e-book format; so far no luck there. For the most part BN and Amazon’s e-books are very closely priced. It all comes down to which reader and DRM flavor (they all kind of taste bad, just some less than others) you go with. As for physical copies, Amazon seems to have slightly better prices so I don’t mind linking to them.

There, with that bit of housekeeping out of the way I feel better about having the widget on the page.

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