The Reunion (pre-reunion thoughts)

So now I’m back home for the weekend. It’s really good to be in KC; I miss this place and the people I still know here a lot. The reason for this trip is a bit unusual though. It is my 20 year high school reunion.

Honestly, I have weird, mixed feelings about the reunion itself. For the most part, I have neither seen nor spoken to nearly all of the people that will be there in something close to 20 years. There are a couple of exceptions and several of them have added me on facebook, but I have no recent connections to them.  Mostly, I like to think this is because I moved away from KC. However, I know I’m terrible at keeping in touch with people.

I didn’t have the dysfunctional high school experience that most people I currently know seem to have had. It wasn’t all super-happy-fun-times, but it wasn’t that bad either.  I spent  my high school years active and involved. I was in choir, theatre, student council, debate, mock legislature and UN, and even played sports a bit. Along with all of that I managed to skate, game, and party occasionally. I really was involved in so much that I knew pretty much everyone.

Despite this, I was in no way one of the cool kids. I was really quite certain that I was miserable about half of the time.
The thing is, I was part of a community; one I left a long time ago. Now I have an opportunity to see what happened to those people. I’m curious to find out what paths others took. I just couldn’t pass that up.

I also see this as an opportunity to reflect on what I have (and haven’t) done these last 20 years. I’m certain that my path has been far from optimal; at least it has been interesting.

So that’s why I’m at my reunion. Maybe I’ll get a chance to catch up with friends from days gone by. Maybe the whole thing will be a bust. Who knows? Either way I see the event as being a good thing by itself.

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