Phone Writing

In a new attempt to get myself writing again I have added an application to my phone allowing me to make posts.

I regularly think to myself that it would be great to write something if only I was at my computer. Well that is no longer a limitation. I always have my phone with me. If the touch screen keyboard doesn’t drive me crazy this might just work.

Sure, there are shorter format posting methods like Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, my self imposed content restrictions on Facebook and the size limit of Twitter make these less than ideal for a lot of things. Hopefully, this will provide what I’m missing.

Currently I’m using wpToGo on my Android phone. I like the app quite a bit as it is and it looks like the developer is planning on adding several more features. This should work out well.

Quick edit to add: The app wpToGo has become the official WordPress app. The correct app to look for in the market is just called WordPress now.

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