Zombie Politics

For the most part I don’t plan to put much political stuff on this site. I might occasionally. Probably nothing very serious though.

Why avoid politics? Well… the truth is that off and on I have kept a place for political rantings, er rather a political blog. It has been tragically neglected of late. With my recent drive to get my sites going and actively updated it is getting attention again.

Unfortunatley, it has been moved a few times and I have managed to lose most of the posts I ever made on there. It is almost like starting over, again. One day I may figure out how to recover the old posts but I have my doubts.

I’m still working on restoring links, site formatting and what not (it isn’t really done here either) but the interested can find my political thoughts over at American Theocracy.

About SleepDepZombie

Geeky technical writer living in the Pacific Northwest.
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