Catching up

I’ve been off here for quite a while so here’s an update. I have dreams of making these more regular.

There have been a couple of really big changes for me over the past year.

So the good news first: Last fall I got married! Mari and I finally made it official. After 13 years it was long overdue. Now that we are nearing our first anniversary I cannot believe how fast the year has gone. I’m looking forward to many more.

The bad news: Last summer I started to have chronic pain throughout my body. I truly was shambling along.  I have seen a lot of doctors and there are more to see. Doctors and medication are probably a permanent part of my life now. We’ve finally settled on an initial diagnosis, at least. While Fibromyalgia isn’t fun, I’m happy to have a treatment plan to focus on. Also, there are some other things that it could have been that would have been a lot worse. I’m focusing on the positives and adjusting the expectations of what I am capable of doing. There will probably be more posts about the life of a guy with Fibro in the future. I’ve no intention of making this an illness blog but it is a big thing capturing a lot of my attention these days.

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