Starting up again

The erosion of the separation between church and state has continued unabated the last couple years.  I had some issues with my site and really had intended to set up self hosting of this blog.  Then time passed.  Far too much time.  It isn’t like I’m  the only one out there seeing the changes in our country.  But I definitely feel that everyone has something to add to the discourse. I want to make sure my voice doesn’t remain silent.

I’m restarting my American Theocracy blog.  I might on the future add in the posts from my old site.  I might even enter in some of my writings over the past couple years. I’ll see how things go as I get this moving.

Some might consider it odd to be restarting this on the eve of the 2006 congressional elections.   Truly an opportunity to limit the damage that can be done by the Bush administration.  Sadly, even if the Republicans are run out of both houses there will still be strong influence of religion in American politics.  Our liberties are being attacked on multiple fronts in the name of security.  There will always be a need for people to speak out about the problems they see in our country. When we are no longer able to publicly discuss these issues we are in a lot of trouble as a nation.

If you should happen to read my opinions on this site, Thank You.

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