Psychic Cab, it’s on the way!

Alright, I’ve finally had enough and so it has begun. If you call me from a number I don’t recognize I may just be rude to you.  Sorry. It’s nothing personal, but I’m really sick of all the random calls. If you call right back I’ll probably go ahead and pick it up (I should  not be your one call).  You’re probably safe during business hours; it may be legitimate so the worst I’m likely to do is shunt it off to voicemail. In the evening, on the weekend, at two o’clock in the morning we’re solidly into petty pranking time.

A few months back my cell phone number became associated with a cab company ( here in the Seattle area.  It’s not their main line but it is listed a number for them in several online directories. This generates a fairly regular flow of calls from people looking to get picked up or to schedule a ride somewhere. Fairly frequently these calls happen at closing time.  I’m really supportive of folks taking a cab home after a night of drinking. I’m less supportive of them waking me up because of it.

When I first started getting calls it was pretty minor and while the volume hasn’t really picked up that much it seems to be on a lot more sites than it was before. Information on the internet just spreads that way.  I’ve tried contacting the listing sites and the cab company to no avail. Considering my intended escalation, I just sent the cab company another message asking that they get this fixed, but I have little hope that it will change anything.

If I had to guess how it happened I’d say that one of their drivers put in the wrong area code trying to get listed online. That doesn’t prevent it from being a pretty bad mistake.  I’ve told dozens of people how the cabbie they thought they were going to get put in the wrong number online and because of this failure we are both irritated. Dozens more have simply gone to my voicemail. I’ve even had a few people try and schedule pick-ups by leaving me a message.  I really hope they weren’t late.

The only way I see this getting fixed is creating a customer service headache for the actual company. Unfortunately, that means I’m likely to upset some of their customers in the process. If you are one of the people trying to get a cab who is cheerfully told, “Psychic Cab,  it’s on the way!” and then are promptly hung up on, my sincerest apologies from the internet.

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