Get some sleep! Seriously.

Odd story.  Earlier this week I was contacted by some people who were looking for online resource regarding because they had just put together an interesting infographic regarding the impacts on health of not getting enough sleep.  This is something I’m all too familiar with. I can completely see where, just given the name, someone might find think Sleep Dep Zombie was a place where such information might be found.

But that does bring up, why did I choose Sleep Dep Zombie for my online presence? For many years I rarely got anything like enough sleep (if I’m honest with myself I probably could still do better). Graveyard work, rotating on-call schedules for the railroad, late night bar work, and the notion that there will be plenty of time to sleep when I’m dead have all contributed to me not getting a proper rest for years.  Several years ago in the midst of fielding tech support questions for an ISP on the graveyard shift, I was really dragging. I felt like I was shambling through everything. I had become a Sleep Dep Zombie and I’ve stuck with the identity since.

So back to the infographic.  I have a great deal of appreciation for being able to present information in a clear and interesting manner.  This one is pretty successful at that.  It gives a lot of information about the downsides to not getting enough sleep and explains what you body is doing while sleeping. It is a great reminder that getting enough sleep is important for your health and the downsides of cheating yourself of sleep. I know in our busy lives it can be difficult to make sure you schedule time to take care of yourself, but getting enough sleep is definitely something to make time for. Maybe I should go take a nap.

You Need More Sleep


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