Treasurer? Really? Sweet!

This morning I woke up to find myself the new Treasurer of a small nonprofit, The Merchants of Deva! (Yes, I know the site needs updated). To be honest, I’m pretty excited about this. I’ve been friends with people from MoD for a long time and have been active in fandom off and on forever. I started helping out with MoD a couple years ago for a party at Norwescon. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a lot of activity since then because of the rather draconian restrictions placed on parties by the hotel where Norwescon is held.

In the last few months MoD has been transitioning from a loosely organized fan group that throws a party at Norwescon to an NPO that does events.  There are plans in the works to do events to help out some charitable groups in the future along with some other random fun stuff. All in all, it is pretty awesome stuff.

I really wanted to help make this group a success so after some consideration I volunteered to take over the Treasurer position when it came open.  I had some reservations about this as I’m not some sort of finance guru or anything like that. I can handle my taxes and personal finances alright, but really, I’m a computer guy. I think the handling finances part of the deal kept a lot of people who otherwise would have stepped up from volunteering.

There was another volunteer as well and I kind of thought she would get it as she has been part of MoD much longer than me. I’m not sure how the discussions went as I was sick last night when the decision was being made. I kind of had the impression she was volunteering to do it because no one else was. Hopefully, there aren’t any hurt feelings there if it was something she genuinely wanted to do.

I’m really thrilled to be helping out this group. Also, I’m looking forward to the challenge of learning the official finance stuff so I can get it right.

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