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Politics? Of course

Historically I’ve kept my political thoughts separate from my general ramblings off in another blog.  I’ve decided that I don’t write enough on either to justify keeping both. What that means to any readers of this blog: Occasionally there will … Continue reading

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The “Ground Zero Mosque” Craziness

Yes it has been a long time since I posted anything here. It’s not that I quit caring about these issues or anything like that. Rather it has been that there has been a lot going on and more to … Continue reading

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Welcome to the party, Mr. Specter. I think.

Well today Senator Arlen Specter (PA) switched from the Republican party to the Democratic. Specter To Switch Parties – The Caucus Blog – Personally, I have some mixed feelings about this. I think it is good in the short … Continue reading

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Not this kind of change!

President Obama was elected to clean up the mess created by the previous administration not to make it worse. Generally, I think things are moving in the right direction. I’d prefer that they were moving farther, faster but it is … Continue reading

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Torture is not an American Value

Reading through this article and the actual report makes me ill.  This is not the America that I believe in.  Yet, sadly, it happened all the same. The Red Cross says the United States tortured detainees. The Red Cross Torture … Continue reading

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Iowa Gets It Right

I have to admit I’m surprised that a Midwestern state has overturned a gay marriage ban. However, Iowa recently has seemed more progressive than a lot of the rest of the region. Today’s announcement really does put Iowa ahead of … Continue reading

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Tell the WA Superdelegates superdelegates what you think

Just a quick note to point out that the WA state Democrats have put together a web form where you can give the state party superdelegates your opinion on who they should vote for at the convention. Washington State Democrats … Continue reading

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My Caucus Experience

Today, I went to the Democratic Caucus here in Washington. It was a really great experience. The turnout for my district was amazing. There were hundreds of people coming out to be involved in democracy just in my small part … Continue reading

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Washington State Caucus – Today!

Here is a quick, last minute reminder that the State Caucus is today at 1PM. You can find where you are supposed to go for your meeting at (Sorry to any Republicans who stumble across this. You’re on your … Continue reading

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Looking at America

Today the NY Times released an editorial about the ongoing abuses of the Bush administration and the lasting impact of them on America. It begins, “There are too many moments these days when we cannot recognize our country.” It is … Continue reading

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