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The “Ground Zero Mosque” Craziness

Yes it has been a long time since I posted anything here. It’s not that I quit caring about these issues or anything like that. Rather it has been that there has been a lot going on and more to … Continue reading

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Possible strangeness with site

I’m going to be making some changes to the hosting for this site over the next few days. So, I’m sorry if anything freaks out with RSS feeds or the like.

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Book Reviews

With the Now Reading widget going it got me to thinking that maybe I’d actually write a bit about the books I’m reading. Welcome to my 8th grade book report… Just kidding. One of the things I most hate about … Continue reading

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New Widget Added: Now Reading

So I read quite a bit. It has always been something I’ve enjoyed. When I was young, I used to stay up late into the night hiding under the blankets, reading by flashlight. Now I don’t have my parents telling … Continue reading

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The Reunion (pre-reunion thoughts)

So now I’m back home for the weekend. It’s really good to be in KC; I miss this place and the people I still know here a lot. The reason for this trip is a bit unusual though. It is … Continue reading

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University Life, Part 1

I’m having a great time going back to school. No, it is not a full-time party or anything like that. Rather, I’m learning new stuff and confirming that a knew quite a bit already. It is a nice sense of … Continue reading

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Moving to Disqus for Comments

I just moved over to DISQUS for the commenting system.  Not that there is a whole lot of commenting going on over here considering how sporadically I’ve posted in the past.  I like the idea of something that links in and … Continue reading

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I'm Going Back to School?!

Yes, that’s right I’m going back to school. When I left the University of Kansas many years ago I always thought that I’d go back to school at some point. At the time I was kind of an indifferent student; … Continue reading

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My Poor Blog

Thankfully there is twitter to note that I am still alive once in a while. There are a lot of things going on and I haven’t been taking much time to write for myself. I’m not sure how much that … Continue reading

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Phone Writing

In a new attempt to get myself writing again I have added an application to my phone allowing me to make posts. I regularly think to myself that it would be great to write something if only I was at … Continue reading

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