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Catching up

I’ve been off here for quite a while so here’s an update. I have dreams of making these more regular. There have been a couple of really big changes for me over the past year. So the good news first: … Continue reading

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Politics? Of course

Historically I’ve kept my political thoughts separate from my general ramblings off in another blog.  I’ve decided that I don’t write enough on either to justify keeping both. What that means to any readers of this blog: Occasionally there will … Continue reading

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NW Nerdcast Interview

This week I sat down with couple of the guys over at NW Nerdcast  to talk about the LARP I help run, Shadow Accord. I had a lot of fun doing this and I’m glad I had the chance to … Continue reading

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Psychic Cab, it’s on the way!

Alright, I’ve finally had enough and so it has begun. If you call me from a number I don’t recognize I may just be rude to you.  Sorry. It’s nothing personal, but I’m really sick of all the random calls. If you … Continue reading

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Get some sleep! Seriously.

Odd story.  Earlier this week I was contacted by some people who were looking for online resource regarding because they had just put together an interesting infographic regarding the impacts on health of not getting enough sleep.  This is something I’m all too familiar … Continue reading

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Gaming and Storytelling: Failure

If you didn’t already know, I’m a geek.  I know I’m pretty good at hiding it and all. What you may not know is that I help to run one of the largest LARPs in the Northwest.  We have a … Continue reading

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Interesting article on WGU

  There is a really interesting write-up about the online university where I am working on my degree on the Washington Monthly site.  It’s a nice bit of history about the founding of the school and goes into WGU’s role in the competitive landscape … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning

Forms, Remembered from my youth. Grace, Lost in the intervening years. Meditatively, I find myself at peace. Revitalized, Moving through the water.

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Life is Busy

Life has been pretty busy and between work and school I really haven’t had much energy for writing personal stuff. With our recent launches at work things seem to be slowing down a bit at work so I may have … Continue reading

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Norwescon Party

The Merchants of Deva are planning to throw a party at Norwescon this year.  I’m hoping we can make it awesome!  Unfortunately, throwing a party is an expensive proposition so we’re looking for donations through Kickstarter. If we get enough money … Continue reading

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